My name's Kalah. I make handmade jewelry out of polymer clay themed after many geeky fandoms.
Here's my Etsy shop where you can order things I make
My tumblr is for my finished product photos as well as custom work and WIP photos. I'd also love to feature other nerdy crafts that I like, so feel free to link me to your stuff and I'll take a look.

I post many other people's crafts here as well as my own, if you'd like to see only my work go here:



Quilted Gamer Goodness

Don’t you wish you could cuddle with a controller? I certainly do but the hard plastic isn’t the best for affection. Luckily, you can now cuddled with a NES that will keep you warm at night with this quilt. The shop also includes 8-bit Pokemon pillows and Companion Cube bags. 

Quilted goods by Game Inspired Get 20% off any item with the code BIRTHDAY until the end of August.


Didja hear? DeviantART user alexzemke, also known as Alex Zemke — former animator for both Uncharted 2 and 3 — is working on a Pixar-style, Portal-themed, animated short titled Companionship

The above pictures are screenshots and renders from the (hopefully) upcoming fan film, which was also featured on

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