My name's Kalah. I make handmade jewelry out of polymer clay themed after many geeky fandoms.
Here's my Etsy shop where you can order things I make
My tumblr is for my finished product photos as well as custom work and WIP photos. I'd also love to feature other nerdy crafts that I like, so feel free to link me to your stuff and I'll take a look.

I post many other people's crafts here as well as my own, if you'd like to see only my work go here:




This is for a sampling of my available Portal charms. Wheatley and GLaDOS (Potato Form) Necklaces, 4 original cores charm bracelet (Morality, Curiosity, Cake, Anger) and a companion cube refrigerator magnet!


1. Only reblogs count as entrees and only ONE reblog per day will count. (Spamming doesn’t benefit your followers, and it won’t benefit you.)

2. Liking does NOT count as an entry, but it’s welcomed if you feel the need.

3. You don’t have to be following me to win, **BUT** there will be a second drawing held for everyone that is following me at the end of the contest period. The winner of the second chance contest will get to choose a free item from my shop at the end of the contest!

4. I will pick the winner on Aug 6th 2012 at 10 o’clock Eastern time using the random number generator from so everyone has a chance at winning.

5. The winner will be notified via their ask box, so you must have your ask box open to win. If the winner doesn’t have their ask box open, or doesn’t reply within one week of contacting them, I’ll pick a new winner who will be notified in the same way, and so on until I can contact a winner.

Just bumping this for people that may have missed it.

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