My name's Kalah. I make handmade jewelry out of polymer clay themed after many geeky fandoms.
Here's my Etsy shop where you can order things I make
My tumblr is for my finished product photos as well as custom work and WIP photos. I'd also love to feature other nerdy crafts that I like, so feel free to link me to your stuff and I'll take a look.

I post many other people's crafts here as well as my own, if you'd like to see only my work go here:



Amigurumi Mollusk Family Photo. Say “soft-bodied!”
[All patterns available here.]


Amigurumi Mollusk Family Photo. Say “soft-bodied!”

[All patterns available here.]

Sign the petition: Ban Akicon, Get it Shut Down


Hello Tumblr.

Akicon, the for-profit con of bootleg merchandise fraud, bilking and abusing their artist’s alley, and booking guests with a sexual harassment history and covering for their assaults. Akicon Management has hired Leslie Burt Shotwell (DJ Victor Malice) a felon convicted of: Sexual Assault of a minor, drugging, and rape. (HERE) He has been hired by management since 2011-2013. By doing so, they have endangered countless convention attendee’s. This year Akicon management ignored warnings from countless convention go-ers about Shotwell being a felon with rape charges, and led to another convention attendee getting drugged and raped by Shotwell. When she reported the assault to Akicon Management, they called her a liar and defended Shotwell. Later Management tried to cover their tracks by stating: “We can’t help what happens in private hotel rooms.”. Akicon needs to realize what they do every year is wrong, and we will not stand for it. Get Akicon shut down for good.

If you would like to Sign this petition follow the Link above.

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Remember Aki-Con? If you’ve been following me for awhile you probably do. This is the con that intentionally lied about the location of their dealers hall/artist alley, putting sellers products at risk along with their health when they chose a leaky outdoor garage for the location, and responded to our anger by shutting down their forums and ignoring/blocking the people speaking out.

They are an irresponsible, unsafe con that you should not be doing business with as a guest, artist/dealer, or even just as an attendee.




Tengbom architects design a smart student flat

Sweden did a thing.

literally this is all i ask for out of life. i don’t need more than this.

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